Stop on in at Truck 121 for some great food!


About our staff

I am Andrew Dean, certified chef and owner/operator of Truck 121, an exciting new venture for my wife and I. With 18 years in the food industry, I always strive to bring out the best food to the masses!

Now it’s Harrisonburg’s turn! With time,  I will be offering weekly specials to appeal to everyone. I will be serving everything from hot dogs to Steel-head Salmon with Arugula and Feta… Keep an ear open. I will publish specials on Facebook for now so stay tuned!

I cater and can do both casual and formal events. 

Whether you’re having a huge, formal wedding, or you want finger foods for a community event, reach out to us today. We’ll provide you with a catering menu, so you know what’s available, and we can plan your party or other event together.